Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boy mom problems: button, penis or dump truck?

Being a boy mom is rewarding and mind boggling. I may have been a tom boy but most boy things besides sports are mind boggling. I'll tell Matt something Zach did with equal parts horror and awe looking for answers. Matt just laughs at me and gives the expert explanation "he's a boy, what do you expect?".

The latest in boy horrors/hilarity has to deal with male genitalia...of course. Zach kept pointing to his little weiner and calling it button. He knows what his belly button is so we would correct him and say no, that's your penis and point to his belly button and say this is your button. A sure way to avoid confusion.

Later that day during a diaper change Zach pointed to his penis and said bulldozer! He was so proud of himself. Matt was also proud of him. I am worried what daycare will think when he calls his penis a bulldozer.

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