Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Morning stroke

I've been MIA for the week, but with good reason....we moved! Did I mention we were building our dream house for the last 7 months? No? Well, we were and it's finally done and we're all moved in!

Zach is taking to the new house wonderfully. He loves all the space and running around and he really loves his room and race car bed.

Zach is adjusting fine, me and Matt are apparently struggling. I locked myself out this morning....while Zach was inside...with no phone or shoes (I was luckily wearing pants and a bra). We live in the country so when I say neighbor, they are a good half mile away. Luckily our neighbors are my parents and there were keys left in one of the vehicles. After trying countless ways to break in I knew I would have to drive like hell to my parents for help, or at the very least a phone to call for help.

I think I had 5 strokes in the 5 minutes it took me to drive over, run in, give my parents a heart attack, and drive back. Much to my surprise Zach was a great listener and was sitting in the same spot by the back sliding door when I returned. And random new house fact, an almost 2 year old is not tall enough to unlock any of the doors.

My dad saved the day by busting in the back door. It was straight out of a movie. He is pretty much Donnie Wahlburg in the show Blue've probably never seen it since its on Friday nights and most people are not at home like us party animals...but trust me he is pretty bad ass.

Everyone was fine, we just have some door repairs to attend to. Matt also slipped in the attic and cracked the drywall in the ceiling. At this rate we're just going to invite people over to throw hammers at the walls.

I'm trying to slow my heart rate with a greasy Starbucks breakfast sandwich and sugar coffee....if this doesn't work I'm turning to the bloody Mary's.

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  1. AHHHHH! How scary! I am sorry you had to do this to your new home already!