Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rain, rain go away...

It has rained here everyday for at least 2 weeks. Annoying as a normal person traveling to and from work, seriously terrible as a stay at home mom.

It is pretty clear Zach would like to live outside. We're usually outside by 8am and if we're not he's crying at the door to go out. He views the house as his jail. Now he stands at the door crying 'raining mommy, I want out'....yes my sweet child I want out too and have been getting down right angry at the poor weatherman.

I have found I'm much better at entertaining the crazy toddler outside...we play in the dirt, go on bike rides, look at tractors, you name it. You stick me inside for a week and I'm losing it. Why no I don't want to play trains or cars for the millionth time this week with one crabby man. Notice Noah didn't take any children on his arc...smart man.

Please pray for sun before Zach and I both lose it and our house forever smells of wet dog and desperation. We miss outside...

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