Thursday, July 4, 2013

Firework fail

Happy 4th of July!

In celebration we took Zach to see fireworks. I was not optimistic when he woke up super early and was crabby all evening leading up to the big event. After a melt down on the way to our spot, and me debating turning around several times, things started to look up.

We met my brothers family and Zach was like a new kid. He was so happy to see my niece and nephew he laughed and was like they were little priests who exercised the demon out of him.

I was still ready to run to my car at the signs of a melt down and never thought we would actually make it until the fireworks started. Zach hung in there like a champ and snuggled up with my sister in law (I'm so chopped liver when he's with my brothers fam) for the start if the show.

We made it all of 4 minutes maybe. He started out ok, then he started to whimper, then cry. I snatched him up and he goes 'scared mommy' in his tiny little toddler voice. I felt like mom of the year for sure, so we hauled it out of there to come home. On the way it was determined he liked the colors, but the loud noise scared him.

We played for 2 hours and saw a whole 4 minutes of fireworks....maybe next year will be better?

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