Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Go Browns

I have been a Cleveland Browns fan my entire life. My dad made us pick teams to cheer for when we were young & I picked the Browns & never considered another option.....not when we didn't have a team for a few years, or when we never win, or when they traded Phil Dawson (this was the closest I came to finding a winning team). My grandma just told me that for my 7th birthday I told her I would like anything Browns for my birthday....so I've been loyal, and I was clearly a weirdo tom boy yikes.

Matt like the Browns as well and for his 30th birthday I got him season tickets. It's really a present for both of us since I get to go to the games & it ends up being a nice adults only day.

We got an awesome surprise at the first preseason game. We were randomly involved in a season ticket holder fan recognition. We hung out in the guest locker room before the game eating hot dogs, we're given a jersey, got to hang out on the field watching the warm up for an hour before the game, and lastly got to go out on the field for the national anthem. It was amazing. I was way more excited than the few kids there and most of the men. I could have touched the Rams kicker's butt, but Matt said it wasn't a good idea.

I think my face hurt from smiling so much. Both of us agreed while season tickets are expensive, it's the best decision/birthday present ever. Someday we'll take Zach to a game & hopefully make him a little Browns weirdo like I am.

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