Thursday, August 29, 2013

You haven't taken a pregnancy test in a McDonald's Bathroom?

You haven't lived until you have taken a pregnancy test in a McDonald's bathroom.  Nothing makes you feel better about your life than getting some of the greatest news you'll ever receive somewhere they sell burgers for $1.

Now lets back up.  I'm not a classy lady by any means, but this is a little weird even for me.  We did not have internet hooked up yet and I needed to get some actual work done and pay bills online and what not, so I planned on dropping Zach off at school and going to the McDonald's nearby to steal their wifi.  I had been feeling funny for a few days and it finally dawned on me on the way to drop off Zach that holy smokes I may be pregnant.  Insert immediate panic and irrational trains of thought.

It went a little like this in my crazy mind...."oh my God I'm pregnant, I know I'm pregnant...I have to figure out if I really am before I order that giant coffee....need to find preggo test ASAP...Could I be I hope so but don't get excited...calm down....calm down....calm down"

So that is how I ended up buying a pregnancy test at Walmart and taking it in the McDonald's bathroom....I ooze class and grace.  One positive pregnancy test later I ordered a damn smoothie and yogurt parfait instead of my delicious coffee and  egg mcmuffin.  I calmly got my food and called Matt to let him know the news and that I was excited and surprised and holy smokes here we go again.

I can't wait to share with baby the magical story of how we learned he or she was going to be joining out lives.


  1. Replies
    1. I try to tell Matt these things are normal and he kindly points out how weird I actually keeps things interesting :)

  2. I mean, at least you didn't take the test in the Wal-Mart bathroom?? :-)

  3. you should have left it on the counter to make it awkward for anyone washing their hands. and i don't think you are weird... i had to take ovulation predictor tests at work before and during fertility treatments. At least we can be weird together?!?!?!

  4. hahahaha that would have been the best....I promise to call you if I ever take another pregnancy test in a random public place.

    You don't think I'm weird because you're weird too, that is why I love you :)