Monday, August 5, 2013

Parks and weirdos

Today we got crazy and went to the park in the town next to us...insanity I tell you. Our town is technically a village and it has nice parks, but they're small. The town next to us is by no means a thriving metropolis, but you would have thought we went to Disney.

There were small play areas for the toddlers and other stuff for the big kids. To us it was huge and well worth the visit.

With that being said, we are not used to sharing the park so I got to see what other kids are like. I'm feeling much better about our parenting skills. One 3 year old boy threw a fist full of sand at Zach when he entered the sand box. An older kid about knocked Zach off a play set acting like an idiot. And I saw more booger eaters and straight up weird kids than I have ever seen before.

It didn't help 3 different daycare/preschools also came to the park.....Zach was in heaven, I had a panic attack I was going to lose him in the sea of kids.

And yes, a new park does count as an exiting event in the stay at home mom life....I realize this is a little pathetic, but it's the small victories that keep me from day drinking.

Of course Zach immediately went to the biggest slide intended for much older children. One 6 year old called me out for letting him on the big kids slide....I debated telling that booger eater what was up, but went with the smile and nod instead.

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  1. This is just an amazing location for visiting. To me it was huge and well worth the visit. I really enjoy the small play areas for the toddlers and other stuff for the big kids through your blog. Thanks for this information. I must go there soon with my kids.