Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why hello again...

 Some family was in and mentioned they were worried something was wrong here since I haven't posted anything in so long.....holy smokes people do read this!  Nothing drastic is happening here, just the normal holiday business and losing track of days.  So here is a random mish mash of what is going on...

Oh so many time outs.  Zach is either hilarious or crying because he can't have chocolate and mini marshmallows at every meal.  I think Christmas made him a diva.....well Christmas or all the family, treats, and late bedtimes...oops.  He has even started the classic toddler throw yourself on the floor trick.   He was acting like a lunatic when I was out running around with my mom and I asked her how in the world do you discipline in public?  If it is somewhere he wants to be I haul him out of there if he acts up, I am the mother smiling, carrying a screaming toddler out of the library.  At home we have time out.  On errands I'm at a loss.  They need to make a time out spot everywhere, moms of the world unite and petition for a time out chair in all public places.

He is like the hulk....looks so sweet, but you wouldn't like him angry.

Matt had another successful deer season and got his first buck up in Michigan.  I apologize to those the deer picture grosses out, it is common practice in good 'ole Northwest Ohio and as much as I complain about the husband being MIA for a week or 2 to sit in a tree and freeze his butt off, I do appreciate the meat it provides.  Matt is also gearing up for a work shut down.  This sounds fantastic, like he will get a lot of time off, but alas, no it is the opposite.  He'll start working 6 days a week, 12 hour shifts starting February 1....which is around 3 weeks before baby comes....whoa nelly it is going to get interesting around here.  If I tell you I don't need help at the end of February I'm lying, come and bring food and coffee.  Thanks.
Super serious deer business picture.
Baby McClure #2 is cooking away.  I just realized we have only 6 more weeks or less....oh hell.  I guess I should go through some baby stuff and get a changing table.  Currently baby's room is only used by Zach, to jump on the bed in there.  Still giving myself blood thinner shots everyday, but am teaching Matt how to give them to me in the arm for the last few weeks since bruising and what not has been worse this time around.  I am growing at a rapid pace and fear the pregnant waddle is coming soon (which means I already do it and everyone around me is too nice to point it out).
I recently learned Matt thinks it is hilarious to catch me napping and Zach wide awake on the like 6pm...

This is some of the randomness happening around here.  Why yes my mind does jump around like that all the time...this is even organized for your reading pleasure.  I'll backtrack and post about Christmas (I wrote down Zach's quotes Christmas morning because they were funny) and New Year's Resolutions....if I actually make any.

We've missed you.  And I haven't been out of the house in 3 days due to major snow and freezing temps so please send rations, preferably Cool Ranch Doritos, Oranges and Hot Chocolate.

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