Wednesday, August 10, 2011

34 Weeks

Time is flying by and we've already hit the 34 weeks mark.  I had my bi-weekly doctors appointment on Monday and everything is looking good.  My next appointment is on August 22nd and I'll start weekly appointments at that time.  At this appointment we'll talk more in depth about delivery and discuss when I'm to go off my medicines for labor.  

I do take a daily blood thinner injection.  I have a clotting disorder that made the daily injections necessary during the pregnancy and then probably for a little bit of time after delivery.  We need to make a plan because I have to be off my blood thinners for a certain amount of time before delivery but not too long.  It's a fine line and I will know more after my next appointment.  

I'm feeling good and the injections are no problem for me, I'm an old pro at them now.  I'm still walking the dog every morning and keeping busy but definitely moving a little slower at this point.  

Matt is in Portland, Oregon until the 15th for work and pleasure.  I wish I could see all our friends meeting out there from Struthers, I'll be thinking of you!  

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  1. Jess - glad you held the fort down without Matt... we tried to keep an eye on him, but, you know. xo