Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Potty times

I'm still compiling my new years resolutions, but apparently potty training should be one if them. We have had the baby potty out for awhile. It's just there, we'll mention it occasionally, but it's primary function is to sit do Zach gets used to it and I get a visual reminder that I won't have to change poo diapers forever. One morning z is clearly sitting in the middle of the living room trying to make poo....he's such a little man, he was just missing the sports page....and per usual I ask if he wants to sit on the potty. Hold the freaking phone he runs to the bathroom & we situate & he sits on the potty. Nothing happens, but still a big step.

Oh wait, the saga doesn't end here....if this were a soap opera we would now introduce the evil twin, but since it's just a lowly mom blog we just reintroduce nana. Later that day he went to nana's and pooped in her baby potty. Now if you don't have children this has just been a long, semi disgusting, post about nothing. If you have kids you are either clapping or semi envious of the strides in potty potential in our home. I clapped and cheered more than when I was an actual cheerleader (very briefly). That stinko in the potty made me way more excited than any middle school football game.

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