Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A dirty little secret & a Pinterest success

I have a dirty little secret to share with you......prepare yourselves....I'm a closet crafter.  Actually, I'm more of a sewer.  I have a kick butt sewing machine that I love to use to unwind.  I feel better that my dirty  nerdy little secret is out.  Even nerdier (is that even a word?) is that I got started sewing as a kid in 4-H.  I made a tank top and shorts out of cow, I wish I had pictures of that gem too since I had to model it in the 4-H fashion show...and I looked like a boy....and probably stunk since I was that kid that didn't like to shower...but my mom didn't take pictures of me for good reason.  I was the third child and had a very long awkward phase, she was being kind by not taking pictures.

That was a lot of dirty little secrets all at once.  If you haven't shut down this page in bewilderment or disgust I'll share my Pinterest success.

I made a floor pillow.  It is fairly easy, even a non experienced sewer could do it and save some cash.

We have a toddler that likes to flop and jump around so he needed his own seat to throw around since he would get super ticked when the ottoman wouldn't move easily for him.

I followed this tutorial on the blog Living With Punks.  It is a great step by step tutorial with pictures.  She has some other great ones on there as well.

It is toddler approved and the perfect size for my 2 year old.  I believe there is a tutorial on there for a bigger one for teens.  By the time Zach is a teenager he better be able to sit on furniture without acting like a fool, but just incase maybe I'll make the bigger one for the future.  

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