Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear frat boys....

Dear frat boys that were playing beer pong in their front yard on Saturday,

Thank you and I think I love you.

Crazy old lady

Now let's back up so I don't seem like a weirdo creeping on 19 year olds.

The closest town to our country home stead is a college town. I volunteered at a local festival on Saturday night from 8pm-11pm since everyone else has a life and they couldn't find enough volunteers for that particular shift. As I was walking to my shift I passed some frat boys playing beer pong in their yard and didn't give it a thought since this is common practice when school is in session.

But then something happened....they yelled 'hey'. I look around, no one but me so I begin to prepare myself for an old lady joke or for them to ask me to buy them beer. And then it happened....they asked me to come drink with them and play beer pong.

Be still my heart...they thought I was young enough to play beer pong in the yard of a rented house with them. I'm almost 30 years old and just shy of 4 months pregnant, this was the biggest compliment ever. I wanted to hug them but thought that would get weird for them. I didn't respond at all for fear I would call them young men or good chaps or something else like that and they would see past my well chosen outfit and see the old preggo I really was.

I really shouldn't have liked the beer pong invite as much as I did, but as all of my pants slowly become too small and I inch closer to 30 everyday, I'll take what I can get.

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