Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Super Mommy Myth

The other day a friend of mine saw the Thomas the Train cake I made for Zach's birthday and called me super mom.  After I got done laughing hysterically I commented back that I am not super mom, it just looks like it online.  So to keep it real, here are some truths that do not usually make it online...

I did post pictures of Zach's cake, but not the sad excuse for a birthday snack for him to take to school.  The animal crackers and frosting looked so cute on Pinterest, but somehow just looked sad and lazy when I put it all together.  I'm sure his teacher was super impressed.
My mom helped me with this cake...but I'm still really proud of it.  The most domestic "mom" thing I've done to date.

I hate to cook.  I am beginning to like it some, but I will never love it.  Some people say it is relaxing and I think they are on crack.  You know what is relaxing?  Watching my husband cook while I drink a glass of wine, possibly with Zach over at Nana and Papa's.  I am beginning to like trying new things, but am an avid recipe follower.  Any recipe that uses only 1 pot I will try and if it's not terrible I'll put it in the rotation frequently.  I only cook since it's part of my "job" as a stay at home mom.

Weekend away at Kelley's Island....I was clearly excited for our early morning hike....it's a good thing you can cook husband.
I look forward to daycare days.  I choose to stay home.  I am so fortunate to get that choice and have agonized over it since Zach has been born since you give up something either way.  I love being a stay at home mom, but I'm ready for Tuesday school day every week.  Zach loves it and I look forward to it.  Yes, Zach does not have to go to daycare at all, but I think it is good for both of us.  Somedays I catch up on all things house like, other days I take "Jessica Days".  I stress less about him learning enough at home and if he is behind and social and blah blah....all the normal stay at home fears.  I also get out of the messy disaster of painting at home since he does it at school each week.  Win.
I'm smiling at Matt since this was following the giant fart/poop/almost blow out that happened during Zach's baptism...we were so proud, as was the family getting their daughter baptized with Zach.

On the same thread...there are days when I ask myself why in the hell I stay home.  I worked hard for my 2 degrees and on days that Zach has been to timeout 10 times by 1pm, fed his lunch to the dog, and pees on his car bed, I tell myself "I could be at work, with adults, having lunch at a restaurant where I don't have to pack 30 tractors and 7 books to keep everybody under control".  But then Zach will get up from nap and ask to snuggle or the next day will be an amazing day and I can't imagine not being home.  It's day by day.
Double not impressed...

My house always needs vacuumed.  We have a giant black dog that leaves hair everywhere.  I have given up.  I vacuum 2 times a week and it does not matter.  If you come over you will have dog hair on you if you touch anything.  I am a little bit OCD where I like things picked up so it will always appear clean, but if you look closely you will learn it is not.  For the love of all things holy do not sit on the recliner in the toy room....that is the chair the dog prefers and I barely vacuum the floors, let alone the furniture.
About the time I realized I may be pregnant again....yes, Zach is still awake and I'm passed out.

There are so many more ways that I fail everyday.  It is a struggle almost everyday to reassure myself that I am a good mom and I'm doing a decent job.  My kid knows he is loved and we do the best we can and that is all I can ask for.  Everyone has their own short comings, yours will be different from mine, but please don't stress....you're doing a great job and I'm proud of you for keeping your kid alive, even if they only eat graham crackers or watch TV during the day.

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