Friday, September 20, 2013

Potty training fail...again...

Zach was doing well sitting on the potty and showing interest in actually getting rid of the diapers for good.....then he wasn't. It's like someone turned a switch and he's like hell no I'm not sitting on that thing. I'm not sure what changed but at this rate he'll go to college with diapers, and probably his stuffed animal Ba....and maybe his pacifier.

We hit a new potty training failure. Matt finished up giving Zach a bath and, like every other time, Zach ran naked to his room while Matt grabbed the wet towel. Matt walks into Zach's bedroom to see him standing and peeing all over his car bed. He was so proud of himself, "daddy I peeing!".

To add insult to injury there is a Zach sized potty in the bathroom he came from, but also in his bedroom approximately 5 feet from where he peed all over his things.

I could understand if he was older and possibly drunk, because who hasn't peed in an inappropriate place while drink, but really kid?! I guess on the bed is better than on the floor.

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