Tuesday, February 21, 2012

5 Months!

5 Months Old!

- Height and weight I'm not sure of since we don't have a doctors appointment until his 6 month check up.

- Still in size 2 diapers.  We finally had to buy diapers.  Yes, at almost 5 months old we bought our first pack of diapers....thank you again everyone!

- Still in size 3-6 month clothes.

- Sleeping all night still, thank god.  We have a good schedule down now and don't usually have any trouble putting him to bed.  Now naps during the day are a whole different beast, he hates them.

- We switched formula yet again.  We switched to Similac Soy based instead of Similac sensitive.  We were having a lot of gas/tummy issues again so we tried it and have already seen a difference.

- Zach is taking about 28oz per day now.  He take 4 bottles a day, each are 7oz.

- Rice cereal is a big hit!  He started it this month and loves it.  He gets it twice a day.

- We started veggies....just a taste with his cereal.  We're slowly introducing new textures and tastes so hopefully it goes well at 6 months when food actually needs to become a nutritional staple in his diet.

- We get a lot more giggling then we did before.  He loves Matt's beard.  Matt will hold Zach and Zach will contently snuggle up and pet the beard.  If the beard rubs on Zach's face he goes wild with giggles.

- We are currently wild for singing.  He likes any singing at anytime.  It will usually calm him down.

- He rolls from his tummy to his back and is close to rolling the other way.  He does hate tummy time so I am skeptical he will ever willingly roll onto his tummy or crawl.  I'm trying to not freak out about it and enjoy these last few immobile weeks.

- Grabbing and chewing everything....I mean everything....hair, toys, glasses, faces.  He likes to grab things and put it in his mouth.  Sometimes it works the other way and out of no where you get a gross drool hand across your face which is a special treat.

- He passes toys from one hand to another.

- Loves his toes.  He grabs them and tries to eat them on a regular basis.

- Likes books.  I can now recite the Brown Bear book from memory....I choose to believe this is more impressive then lame.

- Such a little personality coming out.

Getting so big so fast!  Already so ornery.

And he currently loves JJ.....JJ tries at all costs to avoid Zach....I will update you on this saga once Zach is crawling because it will get interesting

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