Monday, February 6, 2012

The Good B....Baptism

Zach was baptized on January 22nd....yes I realize this is way late, but lets be honest, did you really think I would start posting about things on time now?  Zach may be 2 before I post his 1st birthday pics at this rate....I digress...

Zach was baptized at St. Al's in Bowling Green.  It was him and another little girl that were baptized in the afternoon after mass.  And in case you were wondering, yes the babies were the same age but Zach did look like he could eat the other little girl.  The doctor keeps saying we don't have a hefty baby, but I'm not so sure.  The baptism was very nice and very special to us, especially since we got to share the day with some of our family.  Zach made sure things didn't get too serious by pooping right in the middle of the ceremony.  I couldn't even make this stuff up if I tried.  The only point in the ceremony when things get quiet Zach rips a giant fart and I feel something hit my arm.  I immediately start giggling like a school girl and hope nothing escaped onto his pristine white outfit.

We made sure to time things so Zach was hungry and tired by the time the baptism was over so that was also fun for everyone.  We had lunch at a local place where Zach had another loud poop when we were praying before eating lunch.  Prayer makes Zach have to go apparently.

How does everything turn into a poo post......oh how life has changed.....

Me trying not to laugh after the "incident"

And I would like to point out that these pictures are awesome (and these are only a few of many).....thank you Tracy!  

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