Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So lent is upon us again.  I realized yesterday that I didn't really know much about lent or why you give up stuff.  I realized this trying to explain it to my 6 year old niece....needless to say we both left the conversation confused (I was confused, she thought I was an idiot).  After spending some time with my friend google I realized not all religions give up something for 40 days and it means different things to different people....profound, I know.

For our mini family of 3 (well 2 1/2...Zach can't crawl let alone discuss theology) we decided it means taking the time to reflect and make religion a more prominent part of our life.  So instead of giving up something we're going to make more of a commitment to attend church regularly and pray.  I felt that giving up sweets or pop did not make me reflect on my faith, it just made me cranky and then binge on pop and sweets once Easter was here.  Maybe I don't have the dedication and attention to know what it truly means to sacrifice something...probably....and I commend those who do, but it is not this girl.

I usually don't write about me and Matt and never about religion, but I guess I found it as another way to reflect on my faith and try to stay true to our lent commitments.  I try not to talk about religion; I'm not ashamed of mine but it just seems like people like to fight about it.  I am not saying my way is better, it is just what we choose.  I happily support your beliefs and realize all avenues have pros and lets just accept each other and make things easy :)

Weird....a post not about Zach....I don't know if I like this....

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