Thursday, April 25, 2013

Please send coffee, movies & a psychiatrist stat

103.3...the highest fever Zach has ever had. Daycare called me and I thought she misspoke, but no, little guy was sick. I immediately panicked and called my mom at work like any good almost 30 year old my defense she is a nurse & I knew I was probably overreacting. Apparently the world does not stop when your baby has such a high fever. You just go see your doctor and everyone is so calm...except for me of course. I was sure he got the Ebola virus or Polio from daycare. Yes, I do realize I need psychiatric help or else I'm going to be that mom who still makes her kid hold her hand when he's 20.

Moving on from my mental issues....Zach just has a virus that has been going around. The good thing is no weird fluids from either end thank you Jesus. He will just have 103-104 fever for a few days & we treat it with Tylenol and Motrin. Just typing 103-104 made me stop & stare at Zach since I was sure he was going to have a seizure...a sure sign to make a therapy appointment ASAP.

I've learned a few things in 24 hours of sickness. We do not have enough Disney movies. After Tylenol Zach is just blah & crabby & if I watch the same Bob the Builder video one more time I'm going to start heckling them....can they fix it? No because you're a talking cement mixer that gets into as much trouble as that little bastard Curious George.

I've also learned Motrin makes Zach hyper, but he will crash hard for a short time. It's an endless 4 hour cycle of events. I just wish we didn't have to start the cycle at 4am. Between being at the hospital last weekend with my sister & Zach being up all hours I've had more coffee in a week than the rest of the war combined. I'm sure that will work out well for me at the half marathon I'm supposed to run this weekend.

Send coffee, Disney movies, and a psychiatrist stat. You'll find me by listening to the woman alternating yelling at cartoons and calling the center for disease control.

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