Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stripper in training

Zach is practicing his moves to become the next Magic Mike, or stripper for those not well versed in romantic comedies/Channing Tatum obsessed. He constantly tries to take his shirt off and has discovered how to undo his diaper.

We assumed playing with his diaper tabs was him just exploring, but a few events make us wonder...

I was giving him a bath and as soon as I got him partly dry he ran out into the living room naked, peed on the carpet, and laughed hysterically. The puppy is now housebroken, but apparently Zach is not.

We picked Zach up from daycare and he was wearing different pants. Turns out his other pants were soaked through since at some point during the morning he managed to unsnap his diaper and pull it down into his pants.

We're oh so proud.

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