Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Road Trip

I have been MIA due to an impromptu road trip this weekend.  I took a last minute trip with my mom to Atlanta to see my sister.  I would like to say it's because me and my mom are awesomely spontaneous and decided we needed warmer weather and cocktails, but we're not that cool and I have way too many control issues to travel last minute.  How would I plan all my outfits, travel time, activities, etc if I travel last minute?  It would be insanity.

My sister found out she needed gallbladder removed late Thursday night, so away we went to nurse her back to health/stare at her creepily for hours in the hospital.  They were concerned about gallstones that may have traveled to other parts of her body, so she had to stay the night at the hospital and was super thrilled about that.  There were no stones elsewhere and she is doing well.  The worst pain we saw her in was not from the surgery, it was from the air/gas in her body from the surgery.....if you've had surgery like that you're like oh yeah, if not you think I'm crazy.  I promise they are not lying when they tell you to walk around and expel gas anyway possible.  Listen to them and get those trucker burps out asap.

The fam...from the right- my gallbladder-less sister, mom, younger brother, older brother & myself in Mexico last December.  The most recent picture I have actually uploaded of me, my mom, and sister all together.

Matt took my last minute departure in stride and I've decided he is better at the whole staying home thing.  They went shopping, played outside, played with play doh that Matt made....He is pretty much Matt Stewart, Martha Stewart has nothing on him.  He did send me a text I will print and keep forever.  He was just gone 2 weeks for work and texted me 'I don't know how you did this for 2 weeks'.  He has a self admitted, new appreciation for me and how hectic it is around here with the dogs and a toddler.  It's nice to be missed, but he screwed himself by doing such a good job and I'm currently in the works of planning a girls weekend on a beach with lots of drinks.

Crazy loving the home made play doh...clearly missing me lots

The next girls weekend will be minus one gallbladder, but plus lots of drinks, sun, and sand.  Matt better start planning his crafts now to keep the crazy toddler busy.


  1. Admittedly, this is not a comment on this particular post - but more of a "Hey - wadda know?!?" type of one.....

    We bought a farm a couple of years ago and after a few surprise kids (SURPRISE !!) I am finally getting around to painting our farm name on the barn. We debated farm names For.Freaking.Ever. and finally agreed upon "McClure Family Farm" cause thats our name, we live on a farm, and we obliviously aren't very inventive. :)

    A quick google search to ensure there wasn't an existing "McClure Family Farm" right up the road brought me to your blog -

    So Hello !! fellow McClure family farmers from the McClure family farmers of Eastern Ontario (Canada). From the posts I have read - we may be living parallel lives :)

    1. I love it! What a small world and I have never tried to google us so nice to know we randomly show up in the farm world. We live in Ohio, actually not too far from the town McClure.

      Parallel lives....good to hear someone else has a crazy toddler and family ha! Thank you for saying hi! email me anytime and we can swap farm and tantrum tricks :)