Sunday, April 28, 2013

13.1 Miles to reflect on how shallow I am

I did my first half marathon on Sunday on my old college campus in 2 hours 7 minutes and 34 seconds of rain. My uncle talked me into signing up and Matt encouraged me and made me believe I could actually do it....I complained and said I was burning my running shoes in the middle of campus when I finished. My uncle and Matt are veterans of the long distance race and said just you wait, you'll finish and catch the running bug. I told them if by running bug you mean sit on my couch and drink while you run, done. I ate those words. I'm ready to sign up for another race where I stick to my training better and run faster. I'm officially insane. I teared up during the race and finally felt the elusive running did not happen on the hills that felt like Mt. Everest, I still hated running then.

I also learned how shallow I was. I never thought I could be a runner since I didn't look the part....little did I know they come in all shapes & sizes. I saw this woman that was the epitome of the runner I envisioned. She had the outfit, toned tan arms, perfectly highlighted beach wave hair and she didn't even jiggle when she ran. I thought, ok, keep up with Malibu Barbie & you got this. Turns out I blew by her at mile 6 & used a gentleman twice my age as a pacer.

I may not have the workout capris or tan..more of a super red I'm dying face....but I'm a runner dang it & now I have the medal to prove it.

Thank you Uncle T for talking me into it and coming to Toledo to run with me. Thank you Matt for helping me believe in myself. And thank you aunt Susie for being our cheerleader even though it was freezing.


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    1. Thank you! In 2 hours I managed the entire cycle of denial, admitting I was shallow, then working in it. Good thing Malibu Barbie was slow and there was an old guy kicking my butt or who knows what I would have thought about that long.

      Hope things are going well with you and all your little ladies!