Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Man vs Machine

We are not technologically advanced here. We don't have cable or wi fi or an iPad. I have a Nook and finally downloaded some apps for Zach and now I understand why the toddler app market is such a money maker....thank the lord for the cow game so I can shower and actually clean something without 'help'.

Zach is shockingly good at working my iPhone. If its sitting in arms reach he takes it and can open it up an get into everything. This includes checking texts and calling people I recently found out.

The time came where Zach met a machine that bested him. Over Easter weekend I was at my moms house with the little man. I heard a cry from the kids/toy room and started heading that way. My sister stopped me and said she would check it out. It wasn't a hurt scream, just an I'm annoyed cry. Turns out Zach pushed a plastic tub if barbies over to the entertainment center to use as a step so he could put his hand in the VCR....and his hand got stuck. Mother of the year right here who let her toddler stick his hand in a VCR. He was panicked enough I don't think he'll make that mistake again. VCR-1 , Zach-0

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