Monday, April 8, 2013

Thank God for my husband

Sometimes I'm hard on my husband...shocking, I know. I give him a hard time for not taking out the garbage or never cooking even though he claims to love it. He asked how he could help last month and I told him cleaning the bathroom would be a great help....he asked me how....that day I really gave him a hard time. I mean I've seen the man clean a bathroom, did he just forget since I always do it?


I take it all back. Matt was gone for 2 weeks on a business trip and I'm sorry I ever gave him a hard time about anything. He is the most helpful husband & wonderful father around, it just took him leaving for me to remember that.

The debate people have on who works harder/haves it tougher stay at home or working mothers is a joke. Clearly single and military parents are saints. You people deserve credit for making it through the day everyday. You are way stronger than this lowly housewife.

In summary, my husband is the bees knees and I will remember the longest 2 weeks of my life when I want to strangle him when he asks how to clean out the fridge.

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