Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers day hang over

My weekend was amazing. On Friday I received some awesome mothers day cards in the mail from my mother in law and sister in law. That night my sister came into town. Saturday we had a graduation party for my other sister in law, which ended in a family wide flip cup game. And Sunday I was a big lazy bum. I cuddled with Zach and let Matt take care of me, it was awesome.

After such an amazing weekend, Monday felt like a mothers day hangover (not a real one, I worked through that on Saturday...I can't hang like I used to and flip cup is a young mans game). I was back to reality making breakfast and changing diapers. I actually said out loud, while washing dishes since we're practically Amish and don't have a dishwasher, "it's not mothers day anymore". Granted this was after working all day and making the dinner that produced all the dirty dishes so I was feeling a little surly, but nonetheless, I missed mothers day.

I'm already counting down the days until next year. My goal is to somehow be more lazy than I was this year. I also pray and beg Zach doesn't only watch his tractor video. We watched that ridiculousness 3 times. I now sing made up tractor songs all day...still totally worth it to snuggle up with my squirmy toddler.

And any mothers day post would be remiss without telling the world how amazing my mom is. She helps me grow each day and I treasure her more than words can say. She's also beautiful...I mean we look just alike so it's not surprising, but I still hope I can grow up and be just like her. And she beat my brother in flip cup, a woman of many talents I tell ya.

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