Thursday, May 2, 2013

Doing it all

Today I was kicking butt. I was doing it all and feeling good. I had Zach working at the farm with me, I had dishes and laundry done early, worked on my quilt, and was ready to play outside before making my family dinner. This lasted briefly. If I had to pinpoint where it went wrong I would say it was about the time the turd fell on the floor. Yup. At least it was Zach's and not mine or the dogs. I'm not sure how that makes it better, but it's oddly comforting that at least I still have control of my bodily functions if nothing else. A tantrum of epic proportions (again Zach) followed and that homemade dinner never happened.

My aunt posted on Facebook how I do it, run, kid, etc. it was a wonderful compliment but I had to let her in on our secret. Our secret is its chaos here. I hate cooking and have way too much of a smart mouth to ever be on any type of reality show and not embarrass myself. Somedays I do feel like I kicked butt and other days I drop turds on the floor. We laugh everyday and survive like everyone else. My idea of doing it all is to finish the day laughing with my husband without any poo on the ground or on me...some say low standards, I say setting yourself up for success.

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