Thursday, May 16, 2013

We all scream for ice cream!

Did you know Zach likes ice cream? Because I didn't.

Zach and I were driving around after a particularly whiny morning with no nap in sight. I knew I needed something to make it through the day so I swung into McDonalds drive thru. I generally go for the diet fountain pop....fountain pop just tastes better than canned pop....but called in the big guns and went with an ice cream cone. I assumed I was safe since, to my knowledge, Zach has never seen an ice cream cone. I figured he'd just ignore me and keep demanding I take him to a tractor now.

I get the cone and on my first lick I hear from the back seat clear as day "ice cream, ice cream". I stop amazed and asked "what?!". Sure enough, like a battle cry from the backseat "ice cream please, ice cream please mommy!!!!". I guess he learned somewhere along the way what an ice cream come is.....ahem nana...and I will forever have to sneak ice cream if I want it without toddler slobber in it.

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