Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Terrible does not begin to describe 2

Oh the terrible twos...we are not friends. I thought we entered the terrible twos before since Zach would get whiney, but I was oh so wrong. The terrible twos are like don't know any better, so when you have a little taste of the real thing you're like here it is! Then the real thing happens and you're like oh hell that thing I thought was bad is child's play compared to this.

Today Zach had a tantrum because I only gave him half of a cookie. I thought I was being Mother Teresa giving him half a cookie and not an apple, but apparently I was the wicked witch if the west. Earlier in the day he threw himself on the ground because he had to wear socks with his shoes. He often freaks out when the puppy touches him. This would be understandable if it didn't happen 20 seconds after Zach pet the puppy and tried to feed her his very offensive cookie.

I hear 3 is worse than 2. This is why God made toddlers so cute with their little features and 'mommy pwease'. Friends of ours came over and witnessed a tantrum and were very concerned. They asked what was wrong and we had to break it to them it was no disease, he was just almost 2. Those big smiles, giggles and new words daily help me forget Zach's alter ego, which is apparently a soap opera drama king's evil dramatic as they come.

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