Friday, May 24, 2013

Time out fail

I love my child and this age is fun....sometimes I have to utter this phrase over and over in my head to remind myself. While almost 2 is fun, it is also pushing boundaries and makes me want to pull out all my hair....until Zach decides he likes me again.

With the "pushing boundaries" aka just being awful on purpose, we started time out. We have a small place with limited options so I put a chair on the corner of the kitchen. Turns out sitting in the chair is fun. You can watch tractors out the window and get the dogs to come play with you and see all the pictures on the fridge. Turns out Zach would be put in time out in purpose and just laugh at me, taunting me really, in an evil scary movie sort of way. It was time for a new plan fast since Zach had been in timeout 5 times in 2 hours and I was contemplating day drinking.

Luckily we still have the pack and play handy and he doesn't ever sleep in it, so I figured it'd be ok if he learned to hate it. It was perfect; he couldn't get out, the dogs couldn't get in, and it can be placed in a spot with the least amount of fun things to look at. The number of timeouts per hour dropped significantly and I chalked up a win for team mom....those are few and far between. I'm bringing that timeout with me everywhere. Fear the pack and play little one.

Clearly an ornery one...

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