Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cone of shame

We love our old 90 pound dog, even though I complain about him on a daily basis. Recently JJ had to have surgery. He had a mass removed from his leg and has to wear the dog cone of shame.

JJ is a big dog, so it makes sense that the cone he has to wear is giant. I hope you have never been be coned is to be run into with the big plastic cone and it hurts like the devil. It's like being involved in a drive by with dogs instead of gangsters. I'll be cooking dinner and get clipped in the knee. Or the best is riding in the car to the countless vet appointments that accompany a dog surgery and getting the cone to the face or ear.

Seriously JJ....

He has not hit Zach, but is not impressed with Zach's constant game of peek a boo. Yes, Zach thinks the cone is just JJ's way of playing with him. We have to check the cone for little cars & tractors since Zach is a giver & likes to drive them in the cone.

It's hard to be too mad since JJ looks so sad and pathetic. Hard, not impossible...

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