Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Zach is dressing as a pirate and I'm dressing as an emotional pregnant woman.....ask me where my costume is today and I'm likely to start crying or throat punch you, who knows which way it will go.

We talked about trick or treating, and by talked about it I told Matt we were going and he rolled his eyes and asked if we were going for me or for Zach.  I responded with 'does it matter'....touche husband, got you there.  Lucky for him it is raining and gross out so we're skipping trick or treat while we still can.  Kid only wants smarties and I'll eat everything else, so it is probably good we're skipping.

I made Zach's costume this year.  It is something I remember my mom doing and feeling likes the bees knees since she is an awesome seamstress.  I couldn't wait to make our kids costume.  Enter Zach....he wants to  be a pirate since I told him his buddy Jake was being a pirate.  Easy enough, whip up a pirate costume with minimal amounts of swearing only to have him refuse to wear it.  Seriously kid.  I should have bought the $10 pirate kit and called it a day.  We got him a fake sword to bribe him to wear his costume.

The good news is I got him to put on his costume for school today.  He put it on and kept going 'pretty' which I wanted to be like 'I told you so' but that didn't seem very mature.  So I get to school this morning and he is the only one in his costume already.  Not only that but all the other kids have these elaborate full body suit costumes hanging in their cubbies.....daycare mom fail.  I justify it with the fact Zach would sweat his face off in one of those costumes inside and I'm sure his teach appreciated not having to shove him in his costume for their Halloween parade.

If he doesn't get smarties today he is going to be ticked.  If Matt eats all the reeces tonight I'm going to be ticked......Halloween, loved by fatties and kids everywhere.

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