Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF and a Little Romance

It's almost the weekend, which usually means I do a lot of the same things I do during the week. The stay at home mom life is glamorous I tell ya & I often lose track of what day it is.

But this weekend we're having a much needed date night woo hoo! I believe Zach is even spending over with Nana so we can both sleep in....praise the lord.

Romance used to be candles and little love the sexiest thing Matt can do for me (& vice versa) is give me his sleep in day. I sleep in on Saturdays & Matt sleeps in on Sunday, it's a system that works for us and it's like winning the lottery getting an extra sleep in day.

My husband really is the best. He is such a romantic & I am not. I'll come home to flowers on a random Tuesday with a note on how proud he is of me & how much he appreciates me....I felt good because I got his coffee ready for him, fail Jessica. After taking care of Zach & the ever needy gimp dog all day, I'm left on empty. I muster up what I can for Matt, but it's usually nothing to brag about. I'm working on realizing doing the dishes & making dinner doesn't always count as romance.....not always, but sometimes :)

Romance changes over time & after kids you find it more in the little things day to day. Why yes it is hot that you emptied the dishwasher & took Zach to the man store* to give me 30 minutes of quiet, but I'm really excited to have an old fashioned, no kid, romantic date at a restaurant without crayons & a movie if we can stay awake long enough.

* I don't actually know what the man store is....I assume it's Home Depot & hope it's not some weird strip club.

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