Monday, October 7, 2013


Long time no see...we've been busy with all things fall around here.

Most notably is going apple picking. There is a super cute apple orchard not far from where we live so we decided to try apple picking. It was a huge success. Zach (and daddy) loved playing hide and seek in the apple trees and running around. I loved the hot cider and apple spice donut.

Surprising everybody, Zach also rode on a pony. This may not seem like much of a feat to most, but considering Zach won't go near the fake horse at the grocery store let alone ride it, we were shocked. Zach just kept saying "I like pony...good pony". I was happy we didn't waste $3 and have to be the ones to stop the ride because our kid was scared of a pony....crisis averted.

Zach also got to ride a train thing. I was slightly nervous when the train pulled into the trees out of sight, but then remembered no one wants to steal 6 kids ages 2-6....that would be miserable.

This is the kind of activity you envision when you're pregnant. Generally these Kodak moments are cut short due to tantrums, nap times, or diaper disasters, but the gods were smiling down on us and it went just like I hoped and we can't wait to go again.

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