Friday, August 10, 2012

Fire hose

I'm not sure what it is about boys and their 'fire hoses' we'll say. Every man in my life says I would understand if I had one, but alas I do not, I have a brain instead (true story, I just misspelled brain and had to go back and change it....that's what I get). Zach is already fascinated with everything fire hose related. We let him play naked the other day since he has some diaper rash. We kept him contained to his foam pad thing since it would be easy to clean up. We anticipated the floor clean up but not the baby clean up....rookie mistake I know. As soon as he started peeing his hand was right in it followed closely with trying to play in the puddle. So while we anticipated the room cleaning we did not anticipate the baby cleaning and that night quickly became bath night.

1 comment:

  1. He's still the cutest baby, but remind me not to lie down on that foam pad!