Monday, August 27, 2012

Top ten challenge #4 & #5

So I am behind on this whole top ten challenge....story of my I'm doing the next 2 questions.

4. What is true love?

I feel as if this answer changes as life changes.  There is what you think love should be until it happens, and then the love that comes after having a child that is different then the love for your spouse and family....confusing enough?  True love for me if my little family.  It is Matt laughing at my terrible jokes and my complete trust in him.  He is the first person I want to tell something to and my best friend in the entire world.  He is my true love and the person I love to spend everyday with.  Then there is the unconditional love for my little guy.  The love for your child overshadows it all.  It is the love at first sight all encompassing kind.  He could do anything and that love will not change.  I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by love everyday.

This is my heart....these boys make me smile and drive me crazy :)

5. How do I see the world?

I am horribly optimistic.  I see it as changing everyday and especially with a big election this year.  I of course see the struggles and troubled times, but I see the opportunity for things to get better.  I choose to live in the boonies so my world is a little slower and smaller.  I resisted it growing up, but now embrace the country living and am excited to raise my family here.

Cripes, these are hard questions.  Each one I could write more, but since I have so many left I'll just give you the meat of my answer without the details....and lets be serious, it's mostly just my family that reads this and they want more pictures of Zach :)

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