Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top ten challenge #3

I'm only on 3 of the top ten challenge, I better get moving! Today the question is 'Something I wish I would have done or been a part of today'.  Well, it is only 5am so I've only had s chance to miss sleep and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders, so I'll just go with something I miss or am nostalgic about today.

This is an appropriate post for today since I had my 10 year class reunion on Saturday and college classes are starting this week.  I thought this would be an easier one to answer.  Sometimes it takes looking back to realize how amazing you have it now.  On days where Zach doesn't nap or is just crabby it is easy to long for the simpler days, but life right now is pretty awesome.  With that being said, I miss that second year of college.  I already met some amazing people that first year, joined my sorority, met my husband (little did I know I would someday walk down the aisle to him), I found my stride.  I broke out of my high school role and really embraced college life and all it had to offer.  With few responsibilities and just enough money from my 2 part time jobs it was awesome.  I miss the days of sitting on the first floor of the Chi O house making plans for the future, whether it was the weekend or when we were 30 (which doesn't seem nearly so old now).  I'm very fortunate that we still have so many close friends we met at UT.  I'm thankful for my time there and for my parents patience and support in taking the time to be selfish and figure out who the heck I really was.....the weekends of parties didn't hurt matters either...

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