Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top Ten Challenge #2-Self Portrait

#2 on the 'ole top ten challenge is a self portrait, and not the self portrait in the bathroom mirror kind.  I figured this means something that really shows me.  Well I figured you needed the sequence of pictures to get the feel of the real me and the joy and chaos that we live in....

I'm pretty sure we were both supposed to be napping, but Matt set us up for failure for this sequence of pictures.  I guess this shows I try not to take things too seriously.  There is a time for worry, which I do my fair share of, but a time to laugh and go with it.  We're silly and not nearly as organized as I envisioned prior to having a baby, but we do the best we can with a smile on our faces....sometimes that smile is due to real joy, other times it is keeping us from breaking down in tears, and often times it is just to keep people guessing...depends on the day.  So I guess this isn't a true self portrait since I'm not by myself, but I haven't had a picture on my own since they made me sit for my sorority composite pictures.  This is me, I probably have spit up down my back and food in my hair, I'm in my usual uniform of a plain colored tee and khaki shorts or jeans, I have no make up on and I can promise my hair air dried that day since that is how I 'style' it everyday.....hard to believe, but I wouldn't trade it for all of the evening gowns and stylist in Hollywood (well most days).

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  1. :-) That's why you are so awesome! Thanks for the sorority composite pic flashbacks... ahhh! I hated those!