Monday, February 4, 2013

Put your skates on

Put your skates on, hell has frozen over.  I am doing something that I said I would never ever do.....I'm hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show.  I have been forced to go to many home parties, including Stella & Dot months ago.  I generally hate the home party circuit, but my love for all sparkly pretty things and my penny pinching ways (half of the line is under $50) has outweighed my hate and when told I could do it online I was sold.....because home parties, 'ain't nobody have time for that'.  The only good thing about those parties were they usually gave you wine, so if you feel slighted feel free to come over and I'll give you the finest glass from the box in my fridge.

Stella & Dot is jewelry for those who have never heard of the company.  I have a few pieces and I love them.  I think I loved the packaging almost as much as the jewelry I came in this cute, colorful box....even Matt was impressed.  The information and website link is below.  Check it out and if you have questions Kate's information is on there, she is the expert, unless of course you want my answer of 'uhhh it's pretty'.

Link to show:

RedStamp Postcard

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