Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New family member

Calm down its not another kid...

Puppy Maggie joined the family yesterday! We adopted her from the Toledo Animal Shelter & if you happen to be thinking about adopting a pet in the Toledo area go see them!

Overall it's going well. We've only had 2 f this dog should be wearing a diaper or I need to be less lazy incidents. Old bones JJ, our other dog, is worn out. Its a good thing JJ is so big because when he gets tired he just lays down and gives puppy a big paw to the face. And Zach is totally unfazed by the whole situation. Zach will stop and say hi to the puppy but that's it. Zach did indeed get in the kennel, lay down & told me night night....if only toddler beds were shaped like cages...or I could let Zach sleep in the kennel & no one would call CPS....

You know what is awesome? When a new puppy sleeps all night without a peep. You know what's not awesome? A toddler up at 1am wanting to party. Fail.

Maggie loves Matt best & I'm working on getting over it. I'm sure me making her go out every 30-60 minutes in this ice storm we're getting will really make her warm up to me.

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