Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Car dreams

Nana has saved the day again....you know nana, my mother, the one who has gotten exponentially smarter since I birthed my own child. She had 1 child already then proceeded with 3 children in 3 years and we all survived and she did not have to be committed to a mental hospital just to get a break from the fighting, poop & tears we produced so that qualifies her as a baby expert in my eyes....runner up expert is my sister in law who had 2 kids in less than 18 months, worked the night shift, I assumed she never slept and still managed to not stab her husband for looking at her wrong. She is a saint who bakes like Betty Crocker.


Nana scoured Craigslist and found a toddler bed shaped like a car that includes a wheel shaped toy box, tool box dresser thing & lightening McQueen bedding...that's right, Zach's current obsession. Matt & I were hesitant on the whole big kid bed thing and told her not to do it, that and I'm like a little old lady and am sure you'll get murdered if you try to buy anything off of Craigslist. So me & Matt are adamant that Zach won't sleep in it blah blah blah. Low and behold nana was right and we were wrong....again....while we were visiting close to nap time Zach asked to go night night, got in the bed and proceeded to nap for 2 hours. It still hurts at 28 to concede to your mother that she was right and you were wrong. Every time Zach kisses Mater on the sheets he rubs salt in my wounds of my mom being right.

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