Thursday, February 7, 2013


These pictures seem to showcase Zach's personality. He is a wild ornery boy that keeps us laughing and always on our toes. Just yesterday he straight up head butted me. It was hard enough my head hit the wall behind it and hurt bad....Zach, he just shook his head and kept jumping around. In his defense I believe Zach was trying to give me a kiss, but lesson learned, maybe we shouldn't dive in for the kiss. Currently I think Zach is taunting me from his bed. He should be napping but it sounds like he just keeps saying 'ha ha mama' with fart noises thrown in for good measure. He is essentially giving me and nap time the middle finger. Me & Matt just have to shake our heads and laugh....although I did ask my mom why there aren't any shaken toddler commercials and warnings?

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