Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent already!?

Time truly flies man oh man. It's lent time again, which means time to figure out what to give up that is a challenge, but Matt is on board with. I initially wanted to give up meat. Matt said he didn't care, but he would make his own dinners with meat each night....which means lots of burgers, ramen & grilled cheese. Don't get me wrong, Matt is an amazing cook, but is popped after work & would rather be playing with Zach. I'll work on Matt all year to get him to give up meat with me next year. I've ultimately decided giving up Facebook & pinterest when I'm around anyone else who is awake. With both options on my phone I spend way too much time checking in with random people instead of checking in with those I'm with. I'm not totally giving it up because nap time can get boring when you're trying to stay quiet & truth be told it gets lonely somedays not seeing or talking to another adult all day. So as sad as it sounds, it's nice to check in on Facebook & leaves messages.

Here's to 6 weeks of actually watching Thomas the Train when Zach wants to cuddle....I will definitely need some divine intervention.

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