Saturday, March 30, 2013

Remember that one time Zach almost broke my nose...

Remember that one time Zach almost broke my nose then almost knocked his own teeth out...that was a good day.

Zach has been into opening & closing everything, but especially closing. I was getting milk out of the fridge when I heard him running up behind the door. Naturally I turned my head towards the noise just as he was slamming the door. It smashed my nose & brought tears to my eyes, Zach thought it was hilarious. Fortunately nothing was hurt except my pride.

Later that day we went to visit nana. He was in the toy room, looking out the window, & jumping up & down. Apparently his little arms didn't keeps his face far enough away and he caught his teeth on the window sill. There was blood & I freaked out. His lip was a little swollen but no damage, besides Zach's pride & my confidence as a mother.

He such a rough & tumble boy I know more bruises are in our future & I'm trying not to freak out. I don't know how my parents don't have an ulcer from the 57 face stitches I received over my childhood & I guess I know where Zach gets his amazing poise, balance & grace...he get it from his mama.

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  1. Hi! I tried to reply to your e-mail, but it wouldn't let me! Such a small world...please e-mail me and tell me who your friend is that you recognized. Thanks for reading along!