Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cry baby

In an attempt to divert Zach's attention from the movie Cars, and save my sanity, I put The Lion King on to see if Zach would have any interest or if he would just keep repeating his favorite phrase....'Cars mama'. At first Zach ignored the movie, which is better than crying for Cars. Then Zach would look up at the movie & roar. I, on the other hand, forgot how sad the beginning is and was crying. To make things worse, Zach decided he wanted to snuggle and watch the movie at this point and during the heart wrenching stampede just kept going 'uh oh mama'. Just tear my heart out & put it on a platter. I miss my pre baby heart of stone that never cried. Having a baby has made me a softie and I don't think I like it. Mission get Zach to want something besides Cars= mild success. Mission feel like a fool for crying at a Disney movie at almost 30 years old= success.

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