Saturday, January 19, 2013


A new million dollar question....applesauce or puke? They look remarkably similar. I'd like to blame this one on Zach just as I did the poop or dirt conundrum, but he's only responsible for the applesauce half. Zach had an applesauce pouch earlier in the day on Thursday and later that afternoon I got hit with the 48 hour stomach flu...which led to the mysterious spot on my yoga pants that could go either way. I decided on playing it safe and washing the pants instead of tasting the spot.

Also, close the bathroom door if you have a toddler and are going to get sick. Nothing adds insult to injury like a little guy repeatedly hitting you in the head with the toilet lid and laughing hysterically at his failed attempts to close the lid with your head hanging in the way. It's a classic move only performed at homes with small children or late night at frat parties.

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