Thursday, January 24, 2013


From the title you would think that I have any interest in the super bowl....I do not. This is about baby gymnastics which is like....wait for it to all tie in....a monkey humping a football, or for those who don't speak sailor, chaos. There are 20 kids 2 and under that just run wild for a half hour. That's right we pay for a class we have to attend with our child that teaches him nothing. It provides a large padded room for him to climb and run with abandon. I'm actually considering signing Zach up for 2 classes to help with the winter blues. Zach makes us so proud by just laying down in the middle of the chaos to catch his breath and assuming the class sings & claps just for him. They have circle time at the beginning & end of class & Zach likes to stand in the middle & clap & smile at all his adoring fans. He's got plenty of of self esteem. And it's a great activity for Matt & Zach, which makes this class well worth the money for this mama.

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