Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Teething...not for the faint of heart

How many teeth do kids have?! It's starting to feel like 100. It's no secret that we don't handle teething well. It takes a precise combination of snuggling, Tylenol & butt rash cream to survive the endless teething cycle. The molars coming in....all 4 at the same time....introduce a new twist. Zach likes to chew his fingers where teeth are coming in, but the molars are so far back he gags himself. It's like in survivor when they think it can't get worse then they take away all their water...only this would be the worst reality show ever. The bonus is I've been getting a lot of snuggles & hugs, which is generally unheard of since you have to stop moving to do those things. I reverse my dislike of Zach's Cars obsession, Lightening McQueen is helping us survive...well that and daddy and wine.

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