Thursday, January 31, 2013


In a 24 hour time period we had 2 events that were long overdue. The events are a right of passage for parents and we were lucky to escape them for 16 months.

First was the dreaded exorcist style baby puking in the crib. I heard it before I saw it and knew it wasn't going to be good. He woke up & started crying so I was heading in when it happened & was shocked. I scooped up Zach and didn't know where to turn next so I not so calmly let Matt know I needed help. I calmed & cleaned up Zach and Matt got stuck with crib clean up. It was a shocking amount of puke & made me reminisce about some frat parties I attended.

The next incident happened the next evening....the poop in the tub. Matt handles bath time so it was his turn to yell frantically for me. Poor Matt for stuck with clean up duty again as Zach and I giggled.

Having a kid is gross. The puke & poop are just the tip of the bucket. I caught myself wiping snot from z's nose with my bare bare hand! At least I didn't have to fish a turd out of the tub with my bare hands...yet.

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