Monday, January 14, 2013


It seems Zach has an addictive personality.  He is officially addicted to the movie Cars.  He likes Thomas the Train, but is obsessed with Cars.  I have seen that movie more in the last 2 weeks than the entire 20 years before that.  If we haven't been graced with Lightening McQueen's presence Zach will bring me the remote control and cry yelling 'Cars mama, Cars' until I turn it that point he makes a shocking recovery and stops crying immediately.  It isn't a bad movie at least, but we're going to get crazy and get Cars 2 to have a little variety.  Matt kindly pointed out that is wasn't very educational, I objected and told him it teaches you not to be a jerk and to give more credit to those in 'hillbilly hell'.  There is one part in the movie that startles Zach every time.  It is super cute because he knows it is coming and will find a lap to climb on and snuggle with to get him through.  

We try a number of distractions to try to wean him off this addiction, but none have prevailed yet.  If anyone knows of a baby Disney Movies Anonymous program we would appreciate the info.  

Even finger painting wasn't doing the trick....actually Zach hated it, which was surprising since he hates order and cleanliness.  

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