Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Friend Ba

I think the stuffed bunny Ba makes more of an appearance on this blog than anyone else besides Zach.  Best friend/mangey stuffed bunny Ba get dragged around by the ears everywhere Zach goes.  We got him a new one...which we had to scour the internet for and pay way more than the first one cost, seriously beanie baby collectors they are not of value, unless of course you have a toddler obsessed with one.  Zach rejects the new one probably due to its all around cleanliness and acceptable appearance.  Even though Ba is matted and looking rough from his weekly trip to the washer, Zach's love has reached new heights.  Zach gets a pacifier at nap and bed time...and when he can sneak one out during the day.  Of course Zach sleeps with Ba, not only sleeps but spoons with Ba.  Now when I put Zach down in the crib with Ba he makes sure to try to shove a pacifier in Ba's mouth to go night night.  It is sweet to see him sharing and loving on Ba.  Like clockwork, put Zach in crib, Zach sits up, finds extra pacifier (I think he has like 8 in there, whatever it takes to sleep through the night), puts pacifier on Ba's face, then he can lay down and go to sleep.  It is encouraging to see him nurture something since he is such a rough and tumble boy.  His little friend Ava tried to give him hugs and he gave her the Heisman pose and ran away.  A little girl at the library kept hugging him and he would just freeze with a look of sheer panic on his face.  We have dolls for him but he is disgusted by the sight of them, we get the no mama and he hits them.  He will hug and kiss me and Matt and sometimes other family members, but he doesn't like to stop running long enough for hugs.  He hates all things order and feminine so we'll continue to encourage his gentleness with Ba and hope it someday extends to others.  I guess in the mean time you should count yourself lucky you don't get one of Zach's open mouthed kisses only a mother can love.

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