Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Before we had Zach we knew we were going to screw him up in some way. We are good parents, but we knew, try as we may to avoid it, some of our weirdness would rub off in him. I choose to believe its not out weirdness that is rubbing off on Zach, but our awesomeness. Such as...

Zach knows his animal sounds & knows that a cat hisses, not meows...awesome

We listen to a very eclectic mix of music, which Zach largely ignores...unless Led Zepplin comes on....then he stops what ever he is doing to dance....awesome

When he gets over excited he stands in one spot and spins in circles...awesome

He still tries to use his potty as a cup...weird

If you ever spot him doing something bizarre & see me & Matt laughing our butts off in the background rest assured we taught him everything he knows.

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